Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Infinite potential in walking out our own door

Mary Rose O'Reilly is my guest this week on Realgoodwords. Her book is recently out in paperback from Milkweed Press* of Minnesota called "The Love of Impermanent Things - A Threshold Ecology". I asked Mary Rose to help me understand the title.

She started with what Threshold Ecology meant to her:

"Threshold is a laden word; its a kind of space that we pass from one reality to another when we cross a threshold.
There is infinite potential in walking outside of our own door and seeing what extraordinary things might be there.

Ecology reminds us of the interrelatedness of the things that we find on either side of the threshold - in the plant and animal world or in our own households."

She's right you know, there are extraordinary things out there. On our way to the lake last night my husband and I saw some wild strawberry plants, right there in the path, growing among the pine needles. We were just talking about putting some strawberry plants in the garden! How did they get there? How come we saw them that day? ( psst: I'm so glad you made me look!)

*Milkweed Press, a literary nonprofit publisher in Minneapolis has this mission:

Milkweed Editions publishes with the intention of making a humane impact on society, in the belief that literature is a transformative art uniquely able to convey the essential experiences of the human heart and spirit. To that end, Milkweed publishes distinctive voices of literary merit in handsomely designed, visually dynamic books, exploring the ethical, cultural, and esthetic issues that free societies need continually to address.

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