Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This Week's Show

I'm getting ready for Realgoodwords (from 6-7pm, CST, streaming at this morning, thinking about the guests that will be featured.

Up first is Steve Keillor - he's a Minnesota History professor at Bethel University in St. Paul and the author of a new book that is part of Minnesota's Sesquecentennial celebration called "Shaping Minnesota's Identity: 150 Years of State History". Steve and I talked yesterday about some of the things that make Minnesota what it is. One in particular is the geography and climate of the land of Minnesota.

I really took that to heart - especially this time of year. I always think of this as the "grateful" time of year. When you walk outside and sigh, smell and feel lucky that the seasons are finally beginning to change. Everything seems possible this time of year - things might actually grow from the land, trees will bud and lakes will open up.
It is part of what makes us Minnesotans I think, living through such drastic change. It goes beyond the land - the gratefulness. Right now is a time in my life that I'm especially grateful for the family that I have. What are you grateful for?

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