Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Favorite words

Do you have any? I just did a quick google search for favorite words and saw quite a few people's lists....they were filled with words I didn't understand, like Brobdingnagian which originates from Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels and means immense or enormous.

Brobdingnagian? Yup, I've been known to say "I've got a brobdingnagian headache right now". Brobdingnagian!

For me my favorite words are not necessarily long or complex. Like BUNGALOW.
I don't get why I like this word so much - and I know this may be crazy, but when you say BUNGALOW, it's like the sounds are walking down stairs. Okay, that IS a little crazy.
I first read the word BUNGALOW when I started reading Nancy Drew and found out she lived with her father, Carson Drew, in a bungalow. I had no idea what a bungalow was...but I knew it must be special if an attorney and his detective teenage daughter lived there. Imagine my surprise when years later I found out it was just a style of house that wasn't even that brobdingnagian!

A small house or cottage usually having a single story and sometimes an additional attic story.
A thatched or tiled one-story house in India surrounded by a wide verandah.

Verandah? Oh, I like that one too.... say it with me now, verandah.....

What's your favorite word? Post your favorites here...you could win a free book!

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Anonymous said...

Pretty cool -- I like the way you think --
At this time of the year one of my least favorite words is "taxes"