Friday, March 14, 2008

Uncle Al's Geezer Salad

Scott and I talked with ol' Uncle Al this morning about his book "Uncle Al's Geezer Salad" as well as his upcoming appearance at the Grand Rapids Area Library on Thursday March 20th at 7pm. He'll be joined by travel writer Catherine Watson - Writing From Real Life: Two Former Journalists Discuss the Whys and Who-Fors in Their Work - Catherine Watson's Travel Essays and Al Sicherman's Humor Columns .

Uncle Al's book has his columns from the Star Tribune where he covered everything from household and automotive repairs gone horribly wrong and his wry observations on "geezerifcation".
Here's a sample from the book
"In today's episode, Uncle Al experiences the thrill of victory (over his kitchen floor) and the agony of the feet.

Readers may be accustomed to reading of Uncle Al's culinary triumphs in the Taste section. Today's tale of splendor in the grease is set in the kitchen as well, but it has a somewhat different focus.

It begins several months ago when Uncle Al was whipping op a mixture of oil, vinegar and garlic in his blender . Something caught his attention, and he turned suddenly, knocking the blender over and spilling several cups of really oily vinaigrette onto his kitchen carpet.

The vinaigrette disappeared instantly into the carpet, and his attempts to blot it up with paper towels were fruitless (or maybe bootless, and certainly hootless, since Uncle Al wasn't laughing.)
I hope you can make it- you are also invited to a no-nut potluck at KAXE right before their 7pm talk - at 5:30pm.

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