Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A sneak peek into a small town, independent bookstore

This week Mike McGinnis and Meade Davis stop by from The Village Bookstore in Grand Rapids. They are the father/daughter team that will soon be celebrating 30 years of the bookstore (under their family's ownership) . They'll talk about how bookstores and the business have changed over the years, how it is to work with family and even give us an idea of what they are currently reading.

I also found out an interesting quirk about the two of them: they ALWAYS finish a book. I mean ALWAYS.

I was impressed. I myself don't.

How about you? It's an important question - almost as important as "do you dance to remember or dance to forget"....

post your answers to BOTH questions here....

The Village Bookstore will celebrate 30 years on Saturday October 23rd with 30% off of everything in the store.

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