Wednesday, July 28, 2010

People who are passionate about the stories and the topics....

At the beginning of Realgoodwords I do my introductions and I say "Each week we get the chance to talk with authors and writers about the stories and the topics that they are passionate about".

It's almost always the truth. But this week it is REALLY true. And it's a very different kind of show.

Justine Sharrock is one of my guests - her book "Tortured - When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things" has been called:

“An extraordinary book that explores the ugliest underbelly of war. Sharrock takes the discussion of torture and prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo into new territory, delving into the lives of the soldiers on the ground assigned these brutal tasks. Throughout the book, Sharrock maintains a balance between empathy and tough reporting as she examines the anguish and denial of men who participated in what can only be described as acts of evil but who do not believe themselves to be evil.” Thomas B. Edsall, Political Editor, Huffington Post

I also talk to bestselling historical novelist Brenda Rickman Vantrease about her latest "The Heretic's Wife".

"Cardinals and bishops, servants and merchants, ship captains and noble-born ladies and lords: it's a marvel of authorial engineering that Vantrease can keep so many characters separate while she is at the same time weaving together their stories into such a comprehensive and complex whole. There's an elegance to Vantrease's writing, a sense of great respect for the history she explores, coupled with a determined, truth-seeking creativity. In The Heretic's Wife, she renders for her readers a world as fully realized and alive as it is for the characters--both real and imagined--of whom she writes." --from a review by Lacey Galbraith in, reprinted in The Nashville Scene.

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