Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Also this week on Realgoodwords - more mystery from Julie Kramer

MN mystery author Julie Kramer is back with the third in her Riley Spartz series, "Silencing Sam". Riley is an investigative reporter in Minneapolis who finds herself embroiled with a local gossip columnist. It's a fun read and also an interesting commentary on the state of news and journalism today in a world of social media. Here's a synopsis from her website:


When a widely despised gossip columnist is shot to death, Riley Spartz must secretly investigate a case after she becomes the prime suspect. In the wake of the brutal murder, our heroine discovers that news and gossip have more in common than she ever imagined. Meanwhile, competition in the Channel 3 newsroom is just as murderous. While Riley struggles to interest her boss in a story about rural wind farm bombings, a new reporter spikes the station ratings with exclusive stories about the headless homicide of an unknown woman whose decapitated body is found in a city park. Riley must fight to stay out of jail, ahead in the ratings, and even alive in a killer showdown not fit for television audiences.

Check out her book trailer and tune in this week!

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