Monday, March 9, 2009

Adriana Trigiani this week on Realgoodwords

One of my favorite authors, Adriana Trigiani, is my guest on Realgoodwords this week. I've been a fan of hers since Big Stone Gap came out. She's a NYT bestselling author so I thought she'd be one of those that I'd never get to talk to on Realgoodwords. Hah, that didn't stop me from trying! I found her website and emailed, thinking if I heard back it definitely wouldn't be from Adriana herself. But it was! So we got the chance to have a conversation about her latest novel.

In that first conversation I learned a couple of things: A) how to pronounce her name and B) her mother's family came from The Iron Range of Minnesota - Chisholm.

Our conversation was great, and I happened to mention to her that my mother also loved her books and had read them all. I wasn't just sucking up by the way this is true (right Mom?).... anyway, she could have said, like some authors have, "that's nice". Instead she said, "give me her address."

I was completely shocked. But not as shocked as my mother was when she was shipped autographed copies of her books! My mom new Adriania had a daughter, and since her last book had a storyline about a hatmaker in it, my mom sent her daughter a Ethel M hatbox full of chocolates as a thank-you gift. End of story?

Nope, Adriana then sends my mom her cookbook and writes in it "try the recipe on page 65 Sheila!"

I was so glad to find out about Adriana's latest, "Very Valentine" and glad to get my copy to read during our recent fundraiser. It was a great stress reliever! Tune in for our conversation this Wednesday from 6-7pm and Sunday morning from 9-10. Until then, watch this fun video about the inspiration for "Very Valentine"!

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