Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missing Bill Holm...

I was shocked and saddened today to see the news that Minnesota author Bill Holm had passed away. It was just last fall that I had the opportunity to chat with him about his book "Windows of Brimnes: An American in Iceland". Chat is not even the right word for it - I felt like I got to know him a little bit. Listeners did too - I heard from so many people that heard our conversation and were moved by it in someway. They were moved by his descriptions of life in Iceland and really, how he lived his life. One of the people I heard from wrote me the following letter.

Ms. Holtan,

Last Sunday I sat at my cabin on Lake Vermilion staring out
ot he ice forming on the lake and blue jays eating from my bird feeder. And
along came Bill Holm legitimizing my staring as he and guests do in Brimnes. I
had read his book but your interview with him brought the book alive. Thank you!


It turned out that Dale too is an author, and this letter lead to a great conversation that he and I had about "Cabinology".

Here's an excerpt from "Windows of Brimnes: An American in Iceland".

"When Americans ask me to describe my little house in Iceland, I tell them not entirely disingenuously, that it is a series of magical windows with a few simple boards to hold them up, to protect your head from the rain while you stare out to sea."

I will post the audio from our conversation in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

I am sitting in a kitchen in California, catching up on news from "the north" and read that Bill Holm died. I read his book after hearing the interview with you, Heidi, and I immediately wanted to go to Iceland. Bill hosted writing "vacations" to the island of Brimmnes, and I wanted to go just to take photographs. I'm sad to hear about his death.

Heidi Holtan said...

thanks for your comments Karen - I think you and I should maybe do a writing/photography junket to Iceland!