Saturday, February 16, 2008

what are KAXE listeners reading?

The Star Tribune publishes a weekly list of bestsellers from selected bookstores in the Twin Cities. There is only one that I've read, which got me to thinking, what about a "what's hot with KAXE readers" kind of list? That's what I'd REALLY be interested in!

Help me compile this list and post what you are reading!!

Here's the Star Tribune's list for 2/16/08:

1. Out Stealing Horses, by Per Petterson. ($22, Graywolf).
A Norwegian man's self-imposed exile is disrupted by a neighbor.
2. The Appeal, by John Grisham ($26.95, Doubleday). A jury returns a verdict against a chemical company.
3. Duma Key, by Stephen King ($28, Scribner). A man recovers from an accident in which he loses an arm.
4. People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks ($25.95, Viking). A rare-book expert is offered the job of a lifetime.
5. 7th Heaven, by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. ($27.99, Little, Brown and Co.). A fire in a wealthy community leaves a couple dead and detective Lindsay Boxer searching for clues.

1. In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan ($21.95, Penguin). How to eat for good health.
2. The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne (Beyond Words, $23.95). The law of attraction is the key to getting what you want.
3. Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois ($27.95, Harper). A guide on preparing fresh breads.
4. Fair Game, by Valerie Plame Wilson ($26, Simon & Schuster).
A memoir by the former CIA operative.
5. The Dog Says How, by Kevin Kling ($22.95, Borealis). A collection of autobiographical stories.

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Anonymous said...

If you wanna know what I'm reading now, well, here we go,

Siddhartha, Herman Hesse
Immoral, Brian Freeman
Day of Reckoning, Pat Buchanan
How to talk to a Liberal, Ann Coulter
Searching for the Song, Phil Lesh

The Way to a Meaningful Life, Dalai Lama
and a little Rumi Poetry,
Bible, it is Lent after all

Just finished;
Maltese Falcon, Dashiel Hammett
Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate is Waiting, Marla Martenson
Dreams of My Father, Barack Obama
All My Melancholy Whores, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Demian, Herman Hesse

I guess thats about it....hope it helps!

Rev Dave